Setting up the Playfire Client

Karl -

Below are some steps to help guide you through the setup of your newly installed Playfire Client.

Sign into your Single Sign In account on Playfire/GMG, if these email addresses differ please contact Customer Services to check if your GMG and Playfire accounts are linked.

Once logged in our tutorial will take you through some steps

Add your XBL/PSN network by signing into those accounts through the Playfire Client.


Next, you will need to either create the file directories the Playfire client will use to download your games or you can select your own locations, red X's mean that the location does not yet exist, pressing next will create the locations displayed after a prompt.


If you require a set download speed, this can be set above or at a later stage within your Playfire client preferences as well as these specific locations. 

Click Finish and you are ready to roll. 


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