How do I submit a bug for The Playfire Client?

Boris -

When submitting a bug report for our Playfire Client please where at all possible:

  • Attach your Playfire Client Log File.
  • Attach a Screen Shot of the problem.
  • Include your Playfire username.
  • Include a list of details about the gaming activity that's missing, if applicable.

Where to find your logs

1. Open the Run dialog using the shortcut keys: [Windows key] + [R]
2. Enter: "%userprofile%\appdata\local\vulcan" press [OK]
3. Attach any files named similar to "thelog.txt" and may have numbers in the file name. 

Please note: You must run The Playfire Client for a minimum of 1 hour to gather enough details in the log files. This will greatly help our team of engineers investigate the problem you may be encountering.

You can submit a bug report follow this link


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