I'm getting 'There was a problem game gathering on PlayStation Network' with the Playfire Client

Ben -

Some users may be getting the message "Problem: " in the Playfire Client status bar or "There was a problem game gathering on PlayStation Network" when they go to their PSN account in the Playfire Client preferences.

The issue may be due to the following:


1. Is the PlayStation Network currently online? 

Visit playstation.com and Sony's official social media accounts to determine whether other users are also experiencing the same problem.


2. Can you sign into playstation.com or log onto PlayStation Network via your PS3/PS4/PSVITA?

A recent change in terms and conditions, or a password reset by Sony may prevent you using the Playfire Client to track gaming activity until the issue is resolved.


3. Are you using the latest version of our Playfire Client?

Any updates to the client will show in the top right of the window. To learn more about the latest Playfire Client developments visit the official feedback thread.


4. Have you ran the client recently, leaving it open for a minimum of an hour?

The Playfire Client will update your profile every 10-20 minutes, however large profiles may take longer, particularly when using Playfire Vulcan for the first time. Depending on your network connection, periodic errors may occur.

If the issue persists please contact Customer Support  providing all the information detailed in this Knowledge Base article: How do I submit a bug for the Playfire Client?

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