How do I participate in the Playfire Rewards BETA?

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Want to get started earning your Playfire rewards? Follow this easy step by step process!


1. Head to and sign-in using your Green Man Gaming account details.

If you don't have a Green Man Gaming account you can register here.




2. Select 'Sign in through Steam' on the Playfire home page or select 'Sign in through Steam' from your settings.

If you're a newly registered user you can select 'Sign in through Steam' straight from the homepage. Alternatively you can link your Steam in your profile settings.




3. Sign into your Steam account.

You'll be taken to the Steam store where you will be asked to confirm your Steam username and password. Valve does not share your sign-in credentials with Playfire.



4. Play games and earn rewards

New Playfire Rewards are introduced daily. For a list of all the available rewards visit the latest Playfire Rewards blog post. Once you've started playing games and earning Playfire Rewards you'll be able to follow your progress on the Rewards balance page. Learn more.



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