How do Playfire leaderboards work?

Sam -

Playfire leaderboards indicate exactly where you sit in the Playfire community. Every single game you play has its own specific leaderboard that measures your achievements earned and hours played. But what does it all mean?


How does ranking work?

Playfire records your achievements before your hours played. It's possible to have less time clocked on a particular game and still be above another player, providing you have more achievements than them.



Funnily enough, the Me section highlights your profile. It shows your achievements and hours played, as well as the players nearest to you in the global rankings.



The friends section of the leaderboards gives you an idea of how you stack up against your mates. It also quickly highlights exactly which of your friends is directly above you in terms of rank, as well as the friend that is best overall.


Top 100

The Top 100 are the best of the best. They've earned all the achievements and played the most hours. Can you get to the top?

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