What happens to people who exploit Playfire Rewards?

Sam -

If you're worried about other users abusing the Playfire Rewards system, don't be. Providing you stick within the rules, don't cheat and be genuine about the your gaming activity, you will be fine. 


Can Playfire detect people exploiting Playfire Rewards?

Yes. Due to the data we track when you play games we are able to use precise algorithms to monitor and analyse Rewards behaviour and detect suspicious activity. When our system spots anything out of the ordinary, we are alerted. We are then able to investigate and take action on any potential abusers.


What happens to users who abuse the Rewards program?

Users who abuse the Rewards program will be immediately banned from Playfire, their Steam account blacklisted and reported to Valve. This may also impact the users ability to earn credit and receive discounts on Green Man Gaming in the future. Please be clear - this is at the discretion of the Playfire and Green Man Gaming staff, and their decision is final and non-negotiable.


What should I do if I find an exploit in Playfire Rewards?

If you happen to come across a exploit in the Playfire Rewards report it to a member of the Playfire staff or Customer Support. We will appreciate any information you can provide and it helps us make Playfire a much fun and safer community. You never know, you may even receive a Reward of your own by doing so.


What should I do if I suspect someone is exploiting Playfire Rewards?

Please ensure to report any suspicions to Customer Support with as much information as possible. All reports made by users will be kept confidential.


Please direct any further questions towards our Customer Support, who will be glad to help.

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