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What are Playfire Rewards?

Playfire Rewards is a new and exciting way to play your way to cheaper games. Every day we set you brand new gaming challenges to beat that can earn you Green Man Gaming Credit to spend on the store. Learn more.


Why is it in BETA?

We need to bed this programme in and get good feedback from our Community that allows us to make any changes, amends or tweaks to reward values to ensure that it delivers real benefit to the players, while also balancing it so it's financially viable for us as a business.


How do I participate in the Playfire Rewards BETA?

It's easy; if you've not got a Playfire account, just sign in with your Green Man Gaming account or register. Then just link your Steam account and you're ready to start earning rewards. Learn more.


Where do I find out about the latest ways to earn Playfire Rewards?

New Playfire Rewards are introduced daily. For a list of all the available rewards visit the latest Playfire Rewards blog post. We recognise that this isn't the easiest way to keep track of rewards during the BETA and we're developing a new Playfire Rewards hub to make it quick, easy, and fun.


How do I earn a Playfire Reward?

For a list of all the available rewards during the Playfire Rewards BETA visit the latest Playfire Rewards blog post. Make sure you read the blog posts thoroughly for the qualifying criteria - such as unlocking an achievement - keeping close attention to when the rewards expires. If you fail to beat the gaming challenge before the end date you won't qualify for that reward. Alternatively you can also view active rewards in our new Rewards page.

Please note that unless otherwise specified, all times are displayed in UTC. For more information about timezones head to

N.B: Any user caught exploiting the Playfire Rewards BETA or using tools to falsify their Steam activity for personal gain will be banned from Playfire and reported to Valve. Achievements will not be rewarded if they're earned outside the reward period. For more details please visit our Knowledge Base


How does my Reward balance work?

As soon as we've tracked any rewards you've earned it will appear in your transaction balance on the Rewards History page. Log into your Green Man Gaming account to prompt a transfer of credit, credit will only transfer when you show signs of activity, there is no need to purchase, just simply log in and wait a few minutes, then refresh and your credit balance should be up to date.


How long does it take to process my reward?

Every time we update your game activity we also check for qualifying criteria at the same time. Generally speaking this happens every 1-3 hours. Learn more.


How long does it take to deposit my credit to Green Man Gaming?

During the BETA your credit will be deposited into your account every 12-24 hours as long as your GMG account has shown activity, such as logging in. 


Can I participate in the Playfire Rewards BETA if I live outside the United Kingdom?

Yes, absolutely! During the BETA your rewards will be displayed in GBP (£) but these will converted to your local currency, based on a daily exchange rate, when they're deposited into your Green Man Gaming account.


Will you be introducing other ways to earn Playfire Rewards?

Yes, absolutely. Currently we're experimenting with very simple criteria, but we're looking in the possibility of introducing more inventive ways of playing your way to better rewards as well as ways of rewarding users who consistently contribute to the community.


Will you be offering Playfire Rewards other than Green Man Gaming Credit?

At the moment we're concentrating on balancing the Playfire Rewards to allow you to earn Green Man Gaming Credit with ease and have the variety and choice of items on the store for you to purchase. Voucher codes / free game keys have recently been added to the array of rewards the Playfire program will offer.


What do I do if my rewards haven't been processed?

If you've met the criteria needed for a Playfire Reward make sure your Playfire profile is up to date with the latest gaming activity. We recommend you wait 12 hours for this to take affect, but your profile should update sooner. If your profile hasn't updated then please follow the support provided in this knowledge base article:  'My gaming activity isn’t updating. What should I do?'

If your gaming activity has tracked correctly then please contact Customer Support.


What do I do if my credit hasn't been deposited into my Green Man Gaming account?

Please make sure you have logged into your Green Man Gaming account, credit will only transfer into recently activate accounts.

If your credit has not yet transferred, please contact Customer Services who can look into this issue for you.


Will you be adding other Playfire Rewards for other platforms like Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Origin and Uplay?

Currently the Playfire Rewards BETA is available for Steam only. Once we're happy that the program is balanced and stable we'll be looking at introducing additional platforms. To keep informed with all Playfire developments visit the Playfire blog.


Will Playfire track my achievements earned on games played via Steam Family Sharing?

Not at the moment, this isn't to say that we aren't going to add it to the service going forwards but there are lots of logistical issues that need to be addressed.


What are you doing to combat people who exploit Playfire Rewards?

People who exploit Playfire Rewards will be immediately banned from Playfire, their Steam ID blacklisted, reported to Valve and it may also impact your ability to earn credit or gain discounts permanently on your Green Man Gaming account. We encourage all users to report any suspicious activity directly to Customer Support. Learn more.


Where can I leave some feedback for the Playfire Rewards BETA?

We welcome all constructive comments and feedback about your experience with the Playfire Rewards BETA. Head to the official feedback thread and tell us how you got on.

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