What should I do if I haven't got my Playfire Rewards?

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There are three stages to getting Green Man Gaming credit during the Playfire Rewards BETA. We must have tracked your gaming activity. You must have met the qualifying criteria, and then we deposit your credit into your Green Man Gaming account. As there may be technical issues during the BETA, please check the following:


Is your Playfire profile up to date?

Playfire tracks your gaming activity approximately ever 1-3 hours depending on the traffic we're experiencing. If your profile still hasn't updated in over 12 hours, please consult the following Knowledge Base article to troubleshoot your problem: My gaming activity isn’t updating. What should I do?


Have you met the qualifying criteria? 

The Playfire Rewards BETA may require you to meet very specific criteria. Make sure you read the blog posts thoroughly, keeping close attention to when the rewards end. Please note that unless otherwise specified, all times are displayed in UTC. For more information about timezones head to timeanddate.com.

If you've definitely met the criteria and the reward isn't showing in on the Rewards History page then please contact Customer Support.


What do I do if my credit hasn't been deposited into my Green Man Gaming account?

During the BETA we require you to log into your Green Man Gaming account for the system to flag you as active. When the system knows you are active it will check every 12-24 hours for any Playfire Rewards that are pending deposit into your Green Man Gaming account. 

When the credit has been deposited into your account a tick will appear next to the reward on the Rewards page: https://www.playfire.com/a/rewards. Just sign into Green Man Gaming with the same sign-in credentials to spend your Credit.

If the tick hasn't appeared next to the reward or you have created two accounts (one for Green Man Gaming and one for Playfire) in error, then please contact Customer Support.

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