Playfire Client FAQ

Karl -

What is the Playfire Client?

The Playfire Client is a combination of both of our previous clients, Capsule and Playfire Vulcan. 

Playfire Client will mostly maintain Playfire Vulcan's looks whilst allowing you to manage your Capsule games.

Can I still use Capsule?

No, due to a recent security update, the SSL Certificates used by Capsule are no longer accepted. As we have no planned update to Capsule, user are urged to update to Playfire Client as soon as possible.

Can I still use Vulcan?

Yes & No, Vulcan will receive an update which is up to you to install. If you do not install the update Vulcan will still work, however, any changes to XBL & PSN API's can potentially break your game tracking requiring you to upgrade your client. No support will be offered for previous builds.  

How do I install the Playfire Client?

Please follow the steps detailed here

How do I track my XBL and PSN?

You will need to sign into the Playfire Client using your XBL/PSN credentials in order for us to track your details. You will find some steps to help you here

How do I download my GMG games in the Playfire Client?

Any games purchased on GMG that require the Playfire Client can be accessed, downloaded and launched from the My Games tab. More information can be found here


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